Something magical

Hey guys my name is Laden
I’m the new girl (not that cool or popular one justt new 🙂 you know? Okay so firstable i readed many blog to experince how they write or what their blogs are about i hope they don’t get mad but i think they are little bit “boring” and “long” sorry i am just telling my opinion maybe we can make a difference maybe i can do it and you can love me and support ? Maybe who knows so if you guys want it too im gonna write for you if you wanna know im 16 and soo dreamer and had sooo many heartbreaks but i always believe that the world we live in is so magical i see everything as a magic 🙄 im a disney child thats why and the last thing about me is a secret pssshh you have to hide it because if they know they will propably laugh and make jokes with me here it goes… i am not english or american or someone that speaks english im sure you already realized but can you keep my secret ? If i say please ? Come onnn blogs don’t have to be boring or ordinary or grey! I can make something magical just give me a chance ♡